Acquisitions/Dispositions Experience

Our attorneys have years of experience in large-scale, complicated real estate acquisitions and dispositions.

We can represent the buy or sell sides of significant assets such as raw land, office buildings, industrial properties, hotels, manufactured housing communities, residential properties, and more.

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Our Attorneys Negotiate and Draft Documents

We have a long history of helping our clients obtain desirable results. We are aggressive negotiators and always put your best interests first, which is why we would like to help you with this transaction too!

A successful real estate partnership relies on clear communication between attorney prospects looking for representation in any type or size deal; from small residential properties all the way up through large acreage developments such as master-planned community developers–we’ve got experience across every category here at KKS&W.

We Assist On Existing Leases And Contract Issues

We help landlords and tenants with existing leases or contracts.

We analyze the situation so that we can provide a helping hand in whatever is needed for each transaction, whether it’s an office building buyout contract negotiation or anything else!

Our Skilled Attorneys Negotiate For You

Every attorney at KKS&W is well-versed in debtors’ and creditors’ rights and remedies.

We have participated successfully in countless negotiations across a variety of industries– some involving litigation when necessary.