Affordable housing

When you’re looking for a team of skilled attorneys who can help your project succeed from financing, through acquisition and development, and all the way to operations, we‘re the right choice.

Whether it’s affordable housing or mixed-use projects our dedicated professionals know how best to work within market structures with terms that allow them to achieve success in all endeavors!

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Mixed-Income and Low-Income Residential Deal Structuring

Internal Revenue Code Section 42 presents challenges and opportunities via tax credits for mixed- and low-income housing projects. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in developing, engineering, troubleshooting, and implementing complicated financial structures that take advantage of these complicated incentives and regulations.

We help you structure and implement Year 15 tax credit investor exits, access debt and equity sources on affordable restricted projects, and more.

Our Attorneys Have Vital Market Knowledge And Experience

We have strong ties to key players in the industry. These include housing agencies such as USDA Rural Development, HUD, and Fannie & Freddie Mac that can help you secure your best deal!
We also advise on federal and state-wide programs offered for securing homes or mortgages specifically tailored towards clients’ needs.

Our Attorneys Provide Expert Regulatory Guidance

Housing finance can be complicated, but our seasoned attorneys have you covered. We’ll advise you of the rules and regulations on housing-related issues outlined by state agencies such as California Debt Limitation Allocation Committee (CDLC), Tax Credit Allocation Meeting(TCAC). And the Department Of Finance.