Development and Land Use

Land use issues are becoming more complicated as they continually evolve. Our attorneys track these changes closely as they occur to find creative solutions for clients.

We counsel clients in both the public and private sectors in every aspect of development and permitting, including potential litigation.

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We Represent You At Public Hearings and Approvals

Our in-depth knowledge of regional, local, and state agencies allows us to understand and overcome regulatory roadblocks our clients may face. During the land use permitting process, developers are often required to appear before boards of supervisors, city councilors, zoning boards, planning commissions, and other government entities.

We represent you at, and prepare you for, these hearings. With our help in navigating this often very complicated process, you can focus on your business goals instead of being ensnared by red tape.

We Streamline The Regulatory Process

When we work with our clients, we help them prepare documents and obtain development agreements, land use approvals, tentative and final subdivision maps, and environmental review documents.

This streamlines the process, minimizing the ‘nuisance factor’ for you.

We Provide Representation When Litigation is Required

During development, disputes do sometimes arrive and reach the litigation stage. We advocate for our clients in litigation or alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation, and secure a resolution in their favor.