Joint Venture/Capital Markets

A joint venture is an enterprise undertaken by two entities which maintain their separate businesses. Initiating these ventures is always complicated, sometimes requiring the formation of a separate legal entity.

The assistance and advice of our attorneys with experience in joint venture contracts and structure is a valuable asset to our clients.

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Our Attorneys Can Draft Your Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved, forming the cornerstone of these ventures. Our attorneys will carefully negotiate your agreement to protect your interests and draft a contract that includes the terms for the management and object of the venture, as well as the duration of the arrangement.

We have the thorough understanding of finance, corporate, and contract law these documents require.

We Provide Comprehensive Legal Advice to Minimize Risk

Our attorneys are skilled at handling every stage of joint ventures, from the starting point of negotiations through the drafting of the contract and the formation of the new entity.

We minimize your risk and help you avoid future disputes, ensuring the likelihood of success.

Our Lawyers Provide Legal Help in Capital Markets

Our attorneys have experience in every stage and type of capital formation, including seed financing, hybrid and mezzanine financing and public debt markets.

We have in-depth industry knowledge and work closely with our clients to swiftly and successfully pursue business opportunities.