Office Leasing

Office leases are complex legal documents. The smallest error can result in a litigious dispute that puts a business in jeopardy.

Commercial leases must be negotiated to ensure the rights of all parties involved are upheld, and drafted properly to prevent potential future problems. Our attorneys can handle the tasks involved.

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Our Attorneys Can Negotiate Office Leasing Agreements

Our philosophy when beginning the lease negotiation process is to first pinpoint the client’s specific objectives and goals pertaining to the deal.

We recommend and counsel on the legal issues, and suggest negotiation strategies. Getting the best possible deal for our clients is always our priority.

Our Attorneys Can Draft Your Lease Properly

Once negotiations are complete, our attorneys will craft a commercial lease that protects your interests and ensures the favorable terms and conditions we negotiated on your behalf are articulated so as to protect you throughout the lease duration.

Our Attorneys Help Office Lease Disputes

At Karavas Kiely Schloss & Whitman, we handle litigation and disputes relating to office leases.

Whether we pursue the matter in court or negotiate a resolution, we find creative solutions that work to our clients’ benefit.