Public/Private Joint Ventures

Public/Private Joint Ventures allow public agencies and private sector entities to pursue mutual goals via cooperative arrangements. Public agencies often try to explore means to monetize real estate assets and utilize public land for appropriate purposes.

We provide representation and guidance for our clients to take advantage of these opportunities.

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We Counsel on All Aspects of Public/Private Joint Ventures

Our attorneys will counsel you through all aspects of your Public/Private Venture, beginning with initial conception and continuing through negotiation, procurement, implementation, and completion. Typical Public/Private Joint Ventures include health care services facilities, affordable housing projects, asset management, development of public facilities and infrastructure such transportation and telecommunications.

There are a lot of opportunities in this arena, and we can advise you on any of them.

Our Attorneys Know the Law and Will Apply it to Your Project

KKS&W integrates legal services pertaining to commercial and residential development and transactions, land use, public agencies, and construction, as well as many other areas.

We guide and advise clients in all their real estate endeavors. Working with us gives you the benefit of our extensive knowledge and real-world experience.

Our Attorneys Identify Inherent Risks

Almost every real estate transaction entails some area of risk, such as construction, design, financing, operation, and/or taxation impacts.

We identify these risks and minimize your exposure.